1. Progression Grow

Activity › Actions

Actions on Progression are a simple ways to plan and schedule activities you want to complete to develop your skills.

How it works

Create Actions for yourself

You can create Actions for yourself in a few places in the app:

  • hit the plus icon next to the Activity link in the left-hand menu

  • on your Growth Profile

Create Actions for your reports

Managers can create Actions for their reports from the report's Growth Profile.

View Actions

You'll find all your Actions in the Activity section of the app. You can filter by open and completed. Managers can filter by their own Actions and their reports'.

Complete Actions

Simply hit the checkbox to tick off a completed Action. We'll send an activity update and let your manager know.

Use Actions during Check-ins

Check-ins are a great moment to review your open and completed Actions and set new ones. You'll see your open Actions alongside your Check-in so you can reference them, and there's a spot on the Check-in summary where you and your manager can set new Actions based on your Check-in results.


Q: Who can see my Actions?

A: Actions are only visible to you, your manager, and your Check-in assessors.