1. Progression Grow

Starred Positions and Skills

How and why to star skills and positions in Progression to aid your career growth

Starring skills help you focus on your goals. By focussing on a specific position or set of skills you want to grow into, you can tailor your conversations around development to suit your needs.

It may be that following a Check-in or a conversation with your manager, you've identified some key areas to develop in - you can star skills to highlight them and keep them front of mind.

Progression gives you at-a-glance insights to help you see how you're tracking on the position and skills you've starred.

How it works

Starring a position

Your starred position can be found and tracked on your Growth Profile and the Compare page.

  • In the Progression path section, select your starred position by accepting our recommendation or selecting another position

  • Use the Compare page to find suitable positions and see your skill gap. You can click the star next to any position to replace your starred position.

Starring skills

Starred skills can be found and tracked on your Growth Profile and the Compare page.

  • Select a Skill you want to star on by clicking the star icon.

  • Click the icon again to deselect.

  • Use the 'Shuffle' button to remix our recommended skills.

Using starred positions and skills for growth

Once you have a starred position, we can show you in realtime how your skill profile maps to your starred position. You'll see a breakdown of how your current skill profile versus the requirements of the stayed position match up.

  • If you have a check-in, we map against your most recent check-in outcome.

  • If you don't, we map against your current position's requirements.

Starring skills highlights them above other skills on your Growth Profile. You'll see a breakdown of the Activity (Wins, Actions and Feedback) you've logged against the skill and a Streak tracker to help you notice if you're working on the skill every week.

Click the skill to open a side panel with more information and your feed of activity tagged with that skill.


Q: Who can see my starred position and skills?

A: You and your reporting line only

Q: How many starred position and skills can I have?

A: One starred position and up to three starred skills

Q: Which skills can I star?

A: At the moment, only skills in your own position can be starred.