Adding, moving and deleting Skill categories

This article covers how to add, move and delete Skill categories

Here's how to add a Skill category:

  1. Using the left side navigation menu, scroll to your organisation's name

  2. Click your organisation's name to go to your organisation's home page

  3. Click the team you want to add a Skill category for

  4. Click 'Skills' in the top menu

  5. Click 'Add a Category'

  6. Name your category and add a description

  7. Click 'Add Category' to save your changes.

Here's how to move a Skill category:

  1. Click and hold the grab icon next to the Skill category you want to move

  2. Drag and drop the Skill category to where you want this to sit in the framework.

Here's how to delete a Skill category:

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the name of the Skill category you want to delete

  2. Click the bin icon next to this to delete the Skill category.