Creating a position

How to create a position and customise its labels, seniority levels, descriptions, salary information and hiring links.

Create a position


Navigate to the team you want to create a new position in and hit the 'Add position' button at the end of each Track.


You might also find it easier to Duplicate an existing position to get started: this will copy over all the customisation of the copied position as a starting point.


Within a position, you can customise:

  • Required skills: specific the skills and levels someone needs to be demonstrating to achieve this position's requirements.

  • Seniority level: This adjusts where the position sits in the Track

  • Salary: Specify and optional salary or salary range for the position.

    • On Organisation tier plans you can specify multiple salary bands for different geographies.

  • Assigned to: Place people into this position

  • Hiring link: If this position is open for hiring, add a link to the job specification here.

Finally, you can comment on positions to build them collaboratively, and view edit history in case you need to track a change made.