Editing a Skill

This article covers how to edit and customise a Skill.

Here's how to edit a Skill:

  1. Using the left side navigation menu, scroll to your organisation's name, then hit 'Skills'

  2. You'll see a list of all the Skills in use across your organisation

  3. Find the Skill you want to edit and click the ellipsis '...' menu

  4. Click 'Edit'.

You can edit the following settings at Skill level:

  • Skill name - the name of the Skill

  • Skill description - A summary of what the Skill is

  • Image - Choose an image to represent the Skill

  • Skill levels - Add or remove levels for the Skill

  • Skill level descriptions - Amend the description for each Skill level

  • Skill level examples - Amend the examples for each Skill level.