Email and survey template: Request for feedback

This email template can be used to request feedback on a framework. It's accompanied by questions you can use to survey teams.

Sent to: Team members, asking them for feedback on the framework a month after rollout

Things to check and update: We’ve highlighted in italics where you can personalise this email template. Beyond this, feel free to edit it as needed.

Subject line: [Action required] How are you finding Progression?

Hi [First name],

It’s a month since we introduced our new Progression career frameworks, and we’d like to understand how you’re finding the platform so far.

Complete our quick anonymous survey →

If you’d like to suggest an edit to the content in your framework, you can add a comment directly in Progression, or share it with your [manager/HR Business Partner/Function Lead].


[First name]

Suggested questions to include in your survey

After using Progression I have an improved understanding of what I need to do to progress at [Organisation name]. [Y/N]

  1. My team’s framework gives me the guidance I need to grow at [Organisation name]. [Y/N]

  2. My position accurately reflects what’s expected of me in my job right now. [Y/N]

  3. Do you think anything’s missing from your team’s framework? If so, what?