Email template: Adding Actions (platform + grow)

This email explains why and how to add Actions in Progression.

Sent to: Team members on a Platform and Grow subscription, encouraging them to add Actions to keep their growth front of mind.

Things to check and update: We’ve highlighted in italics where you can personalise this email template. Beyond this, feel free to edit this email template as needed.

Subject line: Get more from Progression — keeping career growth front of mind

Hi [First name],

Are your 1:1 conversations with your manager as actionable as they could be right now?

Progression makes it easy to capture the actions you agree during career conversations (like 1:1s and Check-ins), so nothing gets lost. And when you complete an action you can check it off in the app, then use it to evidence the work you’re doing to grow.

Here’s how to add Actions in Progression:

1.Add an Action

Add a goal, with linked skills and a due date, in your Progression account. You can add as many Actions as you like.

2. Check off completed Actions

As you work through your Actions, mark them as complete. You’ll be prompted to add a Win where you can elaborate on your achievement and the impact it had.

3. Refer back

Use completed Actions as evidence of the work you’ve done to develop your skills. They’ll appear in your Work Feed and during Check-ins automatically.

What Actions can you add following your next 1:1?


[First name]