Email template: Adding Focus Skills (platform + grow)

This email explains how to choose and add Focus Skills in Progression.

Sent to: Team members on a Platform and Grow subscription, encouraging them to add Focus Skills.

Things to check and update: We’ve highlighted in italics where you can personalise this email template. Beyond this, feel free to edit this email template as needed.

Subject line: Get more from Progression — prioritising development with Focus Skills

Hi [First name],

Career growth happens every day. But trying to develop all the skills in your career framework at once can feel overwhelming. And it’s simply not realistic.

That’s why we recommend selecting up to three Focus Skills in Progression to target at any one time.

Here’s how to add Focus Skills:

1. Choose Focus Skills

Take a look through the skills in your position, and decide with your manager which three you’ll focus on next. Have any skills been tagged as ‘working towards’? Consider starting here. You could also focus the skills most closely aligned to the projects you’re working on right now, or skills that are required at a higher level in another position you’re hoping to move into.

2. Capture growth

Add Wins and Actions in Progression to capture the work you’re doing towards each Focus Skill.

3. Refer back

You can reflect on your hard work with a dedicated feed for each Focus Skill, and use it to evidence your growth.

Make a note to agree Focus Skills with your manager during your next 1:1 — you should review and refresh Focus Skills as needed following quarterly Check-ins.


[First name]