Email template: Adding Wins (platform + grow)

This email explains what Wins are and how to add them for yourself and others.

Sent to: Team members on a Platform and Grow subscription, encouraging them to add Wins for themselves and others.

Things to check and update: We’ve highlighted in italics where you can personalise this email template. We’ve also highlighted in yellow where there’s some additional content you can use if you have the Progression app for Slack. Beyond this, feel free to edit it as needed.

Subject line: Get more from Progression — celebrate achievements with Wins

Hi [First name],

Have you taken a moment to reflect on all the great work you’ve done this week? Don’t forget to regularly record your achievements as Wins in Progression. Tagged with the skills associated with your position, Wins can be used as evidence of your growth at key career moments.

It’s easy to add Wins

There’s a few ways to add Wins for yourself and others in Progression. You can add a Win directly in the app, or by typing into your browser.

If Progression app for Slack is installed add:

You can also turn a message you’ve sent in Slack into a Win — simply hover over the message, hit ‘More actions’ then search for the ‘Create Win’ shortcut.

Celebrate teamwork

Did you know you can add the same Win for more than one person? Team Wins are a great way to recognise collaborative work.


[First name]