Email template: Requesting feedback (platform + grow)

This email explains how to request feedback in Progression that'll help you progress.

Sent to: Team members on a Platform and Grow subscription, encouraging them to request feedback and explaining how to do it effectively.

Things to check and update: We’ve highlighted italics where you can personalise this email template. Beyond this, feel free to edit this email template as needed.

Subject line: Get more from Progression — how to request impactful feedback

Hi [First name],

Asking for timely and targeted feedback at work can help you identify your potential, improve your skills and grow your career.

Here’s four tips for requesting feedback that’ll help you progress:

  1. Be specific
    Feedback’s much more impactful when it’s focused. Ask for feedback on a specific project or task, or a skill or area you’re trying to improve.
  2. Ask the right people
    Seek out feedback from people with relevant expertise and experience. That might be a team mate or mentor, not just your manager.
  3. Be open to feedback
    Try to make it clear you’re open to constructive criticism. And if you’re not satisfied with the feedback you’ve received, don’t be afraid to ask for a more honest critique. On the flip side, try to be open-minded and receptive to feedback. Remember, feedback’s meant to help you improve, so try not to be defensive — use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  4. Follow up
    After you receive feedback, take some time to reflect on it and consider what you can do to improve. Set yourself some actions off the back of it, to help keep it front of mind.
You can give and request feedback in Progression, and refer back to it anytime. How about setting yourself a goal to ask for feedback from three teammates in the next month?


[First name]