Email template: Start a Check-in (platform + grow)

This email can be sent to managers with reports that haven't completed a Check-in at all or within the last three months.

Sent to: Managers with a report that hasn’t completed a Check-in at all or within the last three month, on a Platform and Grow subscription.

Things to check and update: We’ve highlighted in italics where you can personalise this email template. Beyond this, feel free to edit this email template as needed. Once a Check-in is initiated, both managers and reports will receive automated emails from Progression explaining what they need to do at each step.

Subject line: It’s time to complete a Check-in with [Report full name]

Hi [First name],

We noticed that your report [Report full name] hasn’t completed a Progression Check-in [yet/in the last quarter].

We’d recommend opening a Check-in in Progression for [Report first name] to start — they’ll receive an email explaining what they need to do to get going.

How do Check-ins work?

Your report will review the skills in their position and mark whether they think they’re working towards, meeting or exceeding the level required

  1. After your report has submitted their Check-in, you’ll review the skills in their position and add your own ratings and comments — all the skills-tagged updates added in Progression are available to refer back to, along with the details of the skills themselves

  2. Once you’ve both submitted the Check-in, find a time to review together, agree a rating for each skill and add Actions to keep your report focused and on track.

Once you’ve finished [Report first name]’s Check-in, you’ll unlock rich insights identifying their strengths, blind spots and where they can focus next, so you can celebrate their achievements, support them to grow and advocate for that they deserve.


[First name]