Email template: Start a Check-in (platform only)

This email can be sent to managers to encourage them to ‘Check-in’ against each of the skills within their report’s position.

Sent to: Managers on a Platform subscription, encouraging them to ‘Check-in’ against each of the skills within their report’s position.

Things to check and update: We’ve highlighted in italics where you can personalise this email template. Beyond this, feel free to edit this email template as needed.

Subject line: Get more from Progression — it’s time to check in

Hi [First name],

We hope that you and your team are getting a lot of value from your Progression career framework.

If you haven’t already done so, we’d recommend sitting down with each of your reports individually to review their position in Progression and the associated skills. If you or your report has a question or concern about the content, please let your [HR Business Partner/Function Lead] know as soon as possible.

Next, set a reminder to meet with each of your reports to check in against all the skills in their position. You should do this every three months or so.

How to check in

Review your report’s position and decide together whether they’re working towards, meeting or exceeding the level of each skill they’ve been assigned

  1. Where you’ve identified an opportunity to grow or a skill gap, discuss what your report can do next to develop and what they might need from you to support

  2. Finally, set goals you’ll each complete to keep growth front of mind.

You should make a note of your conversation and the goals you’ve set to refer back to in 1:1s and your next quarterly review.


[First name]