Getting feedback from users

This article is for Project Leads, HR Business Partners and Function Leads.

While you’ve already captured feedback within your working group, it’s important you provide the wider team with an opportunity to share their thoughts too – they’re the ones using the frameworks every day after all!

So once you’ve run the manager onboarding and All Hands sessions, shared the quick guides and invited everyone to join you in Progression, encourage your managers to sit down with each of their reports individually to take a closer look at their team’s framework, skills and positions.

Managers should ask their reports these questions:

  1. Are the skills outlined representative of your job?

  2. Do the levels of each skill match up?

  3. Are the positions right?

  4. Do we need to add more examples to a skill to bring it to life?

Managers should then share any feedback with their Function Lead and/or HR Business Partner, who can update the content accordingly.

💡 If your Progression subscription includes Grow, managers and reports can use the Check-in feature to facilitate this conversation, working through skills one by one, and submitting any feedback on the content directly within the app. An initial Check-in completed in the first few weeks following rollout also sets a benchmark and good point of reference to reflect back on later.

We’d also recommend that the HR Business Partners and/or Function Leads sit down with managers around four weeks after the initial rollout to review how they’re finding things, answer questions and address any concerns.

Alongside the proactive things you can do to gather feedback from your teams, your Progression Onboarding Lead and Customer Success Manager is also on hand to support. We’ll meet once a quarter to review progress and usage to date, and suggest ways to squeeze even more value from your subscription. You’ll also receive regular ‘digests’ via email, which provide a snapshot of how teams are using Progression day-to-day, and can dip into the Insight section of the app anytime.