1. Progression Grow

Overview: Insights

Progression provides valuable insight into your organisation's engagement, skill profile and growth paths.


With shared skills at the core and evidence-backed growth, Progression sits on a wealth of insight about the capabilities in your organisation. This can help with everything from team design and hiring and succession planning to learning & development strategies and where to deploy reward, recognition and support.

How it works

Skill insight


Click into any skill from your organisation's Skills page and you'll see a wealth of information on how this skill is in use in your organisation: 

  • The teams and positions which use the skill
  • The level that each individual with the skill as a requirement sits
  • The Check-in result of each individual in this skill
  • Filter by team to see the skill distribution across your org.

Engagement insight

engagemnet-insightUnderstand engagement with Progression's growth and activity features via a simple overview dashboard. Admins will find this in the Insights section of the left-hand navigation. Here you can access: 

  • The amount of activity (Wins, Feedback, Actions and Notes) logged in Progression
  • Check-ins started, completed and the ratio of completed
  • Filterable by timespan with trend comparison

Growth insight


Find organisation-level trends in growth and skills in the Insights section.


The Check-ins section will give a deeper dive into each individual's growth profile.


Q: Who can view insights?

A: Only org admins can view org insights. Managers have access to check-in outcomes for their reporting line.

Q: Can I get more insights?

A: Customers on our Organisation tier plans can request more bespoke insights packages. Get in touch to enquire.