Overview: Positions

What a position is in Progression and how to use them to define role expectations


A position in Progression is a job or a role within in a team. Each position in a Progression framework has Skills and Skill levels associated with it. Positions sit within Tracks within each Team.

By defining the positions that make up your team as it is today or as you expect it to be in the future, you can give those who engage with your framework better visibility of what is expected of them now, and how they might progress in that team.


How it works

Create a position


Navigate to the team you want to create a new position in and hit the 'Add position' button at the end of each Track.


You might also find it easier to Duplicate an existing position to get started: this will copy over all the customisation of the copied position as a starting point.


Within a position, you can customise:

  • Position name and label: these can be entirely customised to map to your organisation's standards.

  • Required skills: specify the skills and levels someone needs to be demonstrating to achieve this position's requirements.

  • Seniority level: This adjusts the level that the position sits in its Track.

  • Salary: Specify and optional salary or salary range for the position.

    • On Organisation-tier plans you can specify multiple salary bands for different geographies.

  • Assigned to: Place people into this position

  • Hiring link: If this position is open for hiring, add a link to the job specification here.

Finally, you can comment on positions to build them collaboratively, and view edit history in case you need to track a change made.


How do I assign skill level requirements to a position?

You can add skills from the position modal window itself by clicking the plus icon.


Alternatively, use the Framework view to apply required levels across many positions at once. Simply hover and select the level using the dot icons for each skill and position.


How do I re-order positions within a track?

Adjust its seniority level from the position modal window. A higher number will place the position higher (more to the right) of the track.


How do I move positions to a different track or team?

From the Positions tab of the team, hit the three-dot icon and select Move To...