Rolling out to your organisation

This article is for Project Leads.

This article covers how we recommend rolling out your frameworks based on what we’ve seen work best for other teams, and the materials and touch points required to launch Progression successfully to your whole organisation.

Rollout sessions

While the shape of your rollout will depend on the size and layout of your organisation, Progression will host a minimum of two onboarding sessions in weeks five and six of the project to help you get started.

  1. Manager onboarding session
    In this session, we’ll introduce your team managers to their new frameworks, explaining how they should navigate and use Progression with their reports. We’ll also answer any questions they might have at this stage, and address any feedback or concerns.

    Depending on the size of your organisation, we might run a series of manager onboarding sessions.
  2. All Hands session
    In this session, we’ll onboard the wider team, outlining the benefits of Progression frameworks and how the app works. We’ll also answer any burning questions your team might have, and cover next steps.

We’ve found it can be helpful to have your CEO say a few words on the benefits of Progression for your organisation during this session — we can suggest talking points for this.


Two quick guides accompany these sessions; one for managers and one for employees. These documents can be tailored to your organisation on request, and shared directly after the Manager Onboarding and All Hands sessions, via email or within your organisation’s intranet.


💡 Optional extras

Your Progression Onboarding Lead will work with you to create a bespoke rollout plan for your organisation. This might include additional onboarding sessions or refreshers and email campaigns.

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