Using html tags in your skills

We walk you through how to use html tags in your skills on Progression.

Make your skill descriptions, levels and examples stand out with html tags.

No one likes looking at a big bland paragraph of text, it's important to make the content you create on Progression easy to understand and digest. Using html tags can help you to achieve this.

Html tags can be used in skill description, skill levels and examples when you create them.

Check out the table below to see how html tags can be used.


<b>Bold content</b>


<i>Italic content</i>


<a href="">Link content</a>

Lists (Ordered and unordered)

<ul> or <ol>
<li>List item</li>
<li>List item</li>
</ul> or </ol>


<u>Underlined content</u>


<h3>Heading content</h3>