Creating great positions

This article is for Project Leads, HR Business Partners and Function Leads.

Position overview

Within Progression, a position is a job title in a team. Positions sit within tracks in order of seniority. The employees within your organisation should be assigned a position.

Positions consist of five key components:

1. The position title

This usually matches the job titles within a team (Senior Frontend Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer), but can also be more generic (Associate Software Engineer, Mid-level Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer) or use numbers to denote the seniority of the position within a team.

The Project Lead will have defined the position naming convention for your organisation as part of their work to set framework parameters. This naming convention should be applied across the organisation.


2. A description

Descriptions help everyone understand the expectations of a position at a glance. We recommend mirroring descriptions to job descriptions where available, but remember, people can have short attention spans so consider pulling out the key elements of the JD to keep things succinct. It can also be helpful to bold a one sentence summary at the start of your description.


3. Required skills

Each position should include a mix of domain-specific, core and leadership skills, and you should try to limit the number of skills to 12. You’ll also decide the level of each skill required for the position. You can change the level of a skill required and the skills themselves any time.


4. A label

Labels provide a quick and easy way to check the track and level of seniority of a position within a team. For example, a DM5 label within a Product Design team tells us that this position sits within the Design Management track and is level five in seniority.


5. The track in which the position sits

All positions should sit within a track — you can easily switch a position’s track in the track dropdown within the position itself.

You can also add salary ranges and hiring link to a position to support internal mobility, and assign employees.


How to create positions in Progression

There’s two ways to create a position in Progression. You can either write the position from scratch, or use the AI Build Assistant to generate a position’s description. Simply look out for the AI sparkle icon in a position to get going.

You then need to add required skills to the position — you can either pull in an existing skill from the framework (for example, those core skills created by the Project Lead), or create a new skill.