How does Progression support the framework build and rollout?

In this article we explain the support available from Progression to guide you through the build and rollout of career frameworks.

We understand that building frameworks from scratch, or repurposing content that lives elsewhere, might feel like a daunting task. Researching, writing, levelling, assessing, rewriting, finessing, and that’s before you’ve even considered rolling out and getting your teams using the framework day-to-day.

But with Progression, it needn’t feel scary. Here’s why:

  • You have access to our extensive library of template frameworks and skills plus intuitive AI assistance, to cut down writing time drastically and get you to rollout faster

  • Your dedicated Onboarding Lead’s with you every step of the way. They’ll tailor the build and rollout project to your organisation’s needs, helping you set achievable milestones, answering any questions you have and guiding you through the process

  • You’ll have a minimum of five bespoke sessions with your Onboarding Lead at key touchpoints in your onboarding and framework implementation journey

  • You have access to the Platform Manual, an exclusive resource for Progression customers that guides you through the build process, step-by-step

  • You can search our collection of how-tos, or ask a question anytime using our in-app chat bubble.

And that’s not to mention the quarterly review meetings and ongoing support available post rollout too.

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