Monitoring progress and reviewing a framework

This article is for Project Leads.

By the end of week four, your framework template and core skills should have been created, along with team frameworks and skills relevant to each function.

Four of the six milestones set at the start of the project should be complete:

✔️ Framework implementation kicked off

✔️ Framework parameters agreed

✔️ Framework template and core skills built

✔️ Team frameworks built

Now it’s time for the Project Lead to review the progress made by the HR Business Partners and Function Leads to date, sign off the first iteration of the frameworks and get ready to move to the rollout phase of the project.


How to monitor build progress

It’s easy to keep track of your teams’ build status with Build Overview. From this centralised view you can:

  • Review the build status of each team’s framework (in progress, in review and live)

  • Update the status of a team’s framework

  • Quickly see open comments which need resolving

  • Assign and manage team editors

  • Copy, delete and manage team settings.

Start by checking the build status of each team. If a team is marked as ‘in progress’, get in touch with the relevant HRBP and/or Function Lead to discuss what still needs to be done to move to ‘in review’ — you can also check to see if there’s any open comments requiring your attention which might be blocking progress. If a team is marked as ‘in review’, you’re all set to review the content and sign off the framework, after which the status can be updated to ‘live’ and the framework rolled out to the team.

Don’t forget to review the skills in your Org Skills Library too. From here you can:

  • Quickly identify unused skills and remove the ones that don’t need to be there
  • Filter to find skills needing attention — they might have open comments, empty levels, or be missing examples
  • Sort by the most popular skills in your organisation, and prioritise getting these ready to rollout first.

Framework review checklist

  • Identify ‘in progress’ frameworks and liaise with the relevant HRBP and/or Function Lead to understand what’s left to do

  • Review frameworks marked as ‘in review’

    • Does the framework follow the framework template you created?

    • Does the framework include tracks, and do the tracks’ names match the naming convention you set?

    • Does the framework include positions, and do the positions’ names match the naming convention you set?

    • Do positions include a consistent description?

    • Are core skills (or variants of core skills) used in all positions?

    • Do all positions include domain-specific skills, and are these split across the categories?

    • Do all domain-specific skills include a consistent description, levels with brief description, and examples for each skill level?

If something’s missing from the framework, add a comment tagging the relevant HRBP and/or Function Lead to pick up and resolve.

Once you’re happy with the framework you can update the status to ‘live’ and move to the rollout phase of the project.

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