Uploading skills by CSV

We walk you through how to upload skills with a CSV file.

If you already have great skills content elsewhere that you want to use in your Progression framework, you can easily upload this by CSV.

We have created a sample csv to help you get started, it's important that your CSV is configured in the correct way to ensure that all your detail is captured.

What information can be uploaded?

With the CSV import you can upload your skill name and skill level examples.

What happens if my CSV is formatted incorrectly?

If your CSV is formatted incorrectly, we'll let you know before doing any importing.

Do I need to include existing skills?

If you include an existing skill but don't edit it, it will be skipped in the upload. Make sure you keep the ID field the same to avoid creating a new skill.

Which columns in the CSV are mandatory?

Skill Name is the only required field.

My fields have strange symbols in them, what does this mean?

If you add any additional styling to your skills (for example bold, italic or links) we add those into the CSV too, so you don't lose them if you make an update to a skill. We use HTML for that, which looks like two brackets (<b>, <a>, <i>). You can read a complete guide to what these tags mean here: Using HTML in your skills

All of my examples have merged together, how do I fix this?

You need to ensure that examples are separated with a carriage return (or Hard Return) so that they are uploaded separately. You'll know when this has been done as the example will move onto a new line.

How do I specify which teams these skills should be in?

Once you have completed uploading your skills, you will be able to go into each team and add the skills you need into categories and positions.