What’s the timeline of a career framework build and rollout?

In this article we explain the structure and touch points of Progression's six week onboarding process.

The timeline of your build and rollout will depend on your organisation’s needs, structure, size and resources available. Typically though, this process takes six weeks with Progression’s support and is structured as follows:



Pre-kick off

Before the onboarding process starts, we’ll schedule a 30 minute pre-kick off call where you’ll be introduced to your Progression Onboarding Lead. In this call we’ll identify who’ll be involved in the build and rollout project, decide key milestones and success criteria and create your Framework Implementation and Customer Success plans, which we’ll use to track the project’s progress.



Week 1-2 - Getting set for success

In the first two weeks the Project Lead and Progression Onboarding Lead will work together to:

  • Work out framework parameters to set guardrails

  • Create a framework template to drive consistency across teams

  • Decide which skills should be used across frameworks — we call these ‘core skills’ — and write the first draft.

We’ll schedule two meetings during this time — a kick off and a framework implementation session:

  1. In the kick off, we’ll cover your Progression journey and onboarding goals. We’ll review milestones and success criteria to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Typically, you’ll invite your Exec Sponsor, HR Business Partners and other interested parties to this meeting, and you’ll be introduced to other Progression team members who’ll be supporting you on your journey.

In the framework implementation session, we’ll take a closer look at the framework build, showing you how to create teams, templates and skills in the app. We’ll also decide your framework parameters together and update your framework implementation plan.

💡 Sitting alongside these sessions, the framework build section of this manual has step-by-step instructions to help you set those parameters and create your template and core skills.


Week 3-4 - Building teams

In weeks three and four, the HRBPs and/or Function Leads will use the framework template and core skills created by the Project Lead to build frameworks for the teams within their functions. They’ll also create new skills relevant to their teams.

We’ll start this phase of the project with an optional HRBP and Function Leads onboarding session. During this session, we’ll run through the templates and core skills created in weeks one and two, explaining how to apply these to team frameworks, and we’ll cover how to write great positions and skills.

💡 HRBPs and Function Leads will find step-by-step instructions to guide themselves through this process in the framework build section of this manual.

By the end of the first month, the Project Lead, HRBPs and Function Leads should all be in agreement on the first iteration of the frameworks and you should be ready to move to the rollout phase of the project.

Week 5-6 - Rolling out to your organisation

In the final two weeks of the build and rollout project, we’ll run final pre-flight checks to ensure all frameworks are accurate, consistent and complete. We’ll then introduce team managers to the frameworks and explain how they’ll use them in a manager onboarding session.

Next, we’ll onboard the wider team in an All Hands or Town Hall, answering any questions they may have. Finally, we’ll support you to import users to the platform.