Using Progression's Slack app

How to: Install our app that allows you to add wins in Slack and get quick links to Progression features.

What can I do with the Progression Slack app?

  • Create a channel where Wins can be shared publicly with your team

  • Post a Weekly Wins reminder to encourage your team to add Wins and celebrate each other

  • Add Wins for yourself, your team or your peers seamlessly using /progression win

  • Find quick links to lots of useful Progression features using /progression go

  • Use the more actions menu on a message to populate a win and send directly to Progression

How do I set up the Progression Slack app?

  1. Go to settings and select "Integrations" > "Add to Slack"

  2. Choose a channel our app can post to (make sure everyone knows about this channel, you can celebrate each other here!)

  3. Provide permission for our app to access your Slack account (your Slack admin will need to do this)

  4. Start using the app and let us know what you think!