Overview: Skills

We explain what a Skill is in Progression and how they're used to power frameworks and growth

What is a Skill?

Skills are the building blocks of Progression. They are used to define frameworks and positions and are leveraged for check-ins and logging activity.

Skills are made up of level requirements, which specify how someone can demonstrate the skill at a range of seniority levels.

Skills can be shared across positions and even discipline teams, making them a powerful way to let individuals identify and plan their growth path.

Skills are composed of:

  • An optional image

  • A description

  • Levels, each of which has a description and optional examples

  • Comments and history to help you collaborate on creating skills


Skills can be created by:

  • Copying and customising from our library - read how

  • Duplicating and editing an existing skill - read how

  • Writing from scratch - read how

  • Importing from a csv - read how

  • Generating with AI - read how